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Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry

Our office is a mercury-free, mercury-safe practice. We only use tooth-colored materials including porcelain, composite and modified glass ionomers to restore decayed or broken teeth. These materials can help save more tooth structures, strengthen weakened teeth, release fluoride, be more healthy and environmentally friendly, and provide a more aesthetic appearance.

Porcelain restoration

Before and after photos of amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings and ceramic onlays.

Amalgam (silver filling - dangerous metal in your mouth) is composed of about 50% mercury, which is a big health concern. It requires aggressive removal of tooth structures, thus weakens teeth and causes tooth fractures and recurrent decay. Composite (tooth colored) filling is very conservative, can bond tooth structure together thus strengthens weakened tooth. It is also very aesthetic.

porcelain crowns

Traditional porcelain-fuse-to-metal crowns are very opaque, the metal may show over time at the gum line, leaving an ugly dark line.

All ceramic crowns

All porcelain crowns are translucent and identical to natural teeth, resulting in no need to hide the margin under the gum line - which is a major factor that leads to periodontal disease.

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