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Preventive Dentistry

Regular dental check-up, periodontal exam, oral cancer screening, dental cleaning, fluoride treatment and sealant application to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. We also help our patients understand the reasons and mechanisms of oral diseases, teaching them the proper ways to help maintain adequate oral health.

People always ask us, “How long should this last?” In today's technology, almost everything we have learned is on the preventive side. Instead of going to the dentist every few years for “Drill, Fill and Bill,”, let's try preventive dentistry. You can prevent most or all disease if you spend 3 minutes after each meal brushing, flossing, and doing any other special treatments your dentist and hygienist have recommended. Furthermore, letting your dentist or hygienist professionally clean your teeth, check for decay, apply fluoride treatment, or apply sealants is another important part of preventive dentistry. With regular 6 month check-ups and cleanings, your gums and teeth will be winners.

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