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Modern Dental Technologies

At Chaparral Village Dental & Orthodontics, the general, cosmetic and orthodontic dental office in Temecula, CA, we strive to protect our patients with the most strict, OSHA and ADA approved infection control protocols. We use HIPAA compliant electrical charts for the safety of our patients' medical records, for the convenience of our patients, and for the protection of the environment. We use the most comfortable dental chairs and the best equipment and dental materials so our patients can get the finest care possible.

Paperless office

You can request appointments and register online 24/7 at the convenience of your home so you can be seen right away when you arrive at our office. You are also welcome to come into our office to register - our friendly staff will be happy to help you! Traditional paper charts may carry numerous bacteria and viruses, Making hazardous to the health of our employees and patients. By being paperless, we also protect our patients and the environment around us.

Intra-oral camera

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can see what we see so patients and doctor can co-diagnose.

Rotary & Sonic Vibratory Endodontics

One-step, Fast, Comfortable, Ultrasanitized, and Painless root canal therapy.

Magnifying loops and head-light

With these tools, I can better diagnose and do higher quality dentistry because I can see better. Over the years, I have been able to find hidden decay and save a lot of teeth from root canals. 

Laser dentistry

Using a laser to do soft tissue surgery has many benefits for patients, including clean cuts without bleeding, little to no post-surgery discomfort, fast healing, high quality restorative work, etc.

The following procedures can be done with a diode laser:

  • Gingivectomy to remove extra gum tissue
  • Cosmetic gingival recontouring after braces
  • Expose decay to facilitate restoration when the decay is below gumline
  • To expose crown margin for a better impression
  • Frenectomy to release tongue tie
  • Removal of soft tissue lesions or tumors
  • Exposure of dental implants
  • Disinfecting periodontal pockets
  • Disinfecting root canals
  • Treating canker sores and oral herpes infection...

LED TV in every room

Enjoy your favorite movies or music while receiving your dental care.

Digital X-rays

Instant images on the screen, increasing patient's comfort and reducing up to 80% of radiation. if you are concerned about what effect dental x-rays have on your health, click here to see the fact sheet about dental x-rays.

Painless Anesthesia

Dental injection can be painless if the performer has skilled hands and a caring heart. Our philosophy is "We don't like pain any more than you do". We use a very potent topical numbing gel before injection. We care about your feelings and make adjustments according to your feedback. We have been very successful in desensitizing and converting many dental-phobic patients into great,  confident human beings, who look forward to their next dental visits, knowing there is nothing to fear.

Isolite system

This is a revolutionary dental device that improves modern dentistry. The disposable mouthpiece gives patients greater comfort, protects patients during mercury removal, and provides a clean, dry environment for top quality dental work.

Digital Dentistry

While the whole world is going digital, dentistry is also going digital. We are now using the 3M true definition scanner to take digital impressions for fabrication of all ceramic crowns and bridges. Patients are more comfortable without a mouthful of impression material. More importantly, the impression is very accurate and reliable, meaning that there will be minimal to no adjustment when the crowns or bridges are seated. 

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