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How to find the right dentist

Looking for the right dentist part II

It's All about Choices and Communication

If you are not satisfied during the first part of your search-the phone call to the dental office-move on. If you are not satisfied with the second step-your initial dental visit and exam (or "get acquainted" visit)-move on. If you are not happy with the third step-the dentistry itself-it is time to express your feelings in person to the doctor. In other words, take charge. Let your fingers do the research, your mouth do the talking, and, by all means, vote with your feet.

Looking for the right dentist part I


Overcoming the fear and mistrust of going to the dentist requires finding the right person to take care of your teeth and gums. But before we can advise you on how to find that person, you need to do a little soul-searching because dentistry is a product as well as a service. And, because it is also a highly personalized service, it is tough to write a list of hard and fast rules concerning how to find a dentist who is going to be just right for you. This is a process that will take you time, research, and interviewing.