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Dental fear

Fear Of The Dentist Is Passed On To Children By Their Parents

Fear of visiting the dentist is a frequent problem in paediatric dentistry. A new study confirms the emotional transmission of dentist fear among family members and analyses the different roles that mothers and fathers might play.

A new study conducted by scientists at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid highlights the important role that parents play in the transmission of dentist fear in their family.

Previous studies had already identified the association between the fear levels of parents and their children, but they never explored the different roles that the father and the mother play in this phenomenon.

Why people hate dentists II

Ifyou"hategoingto the dentist,"you arein good company.Many people tell usthat going to the dentist isnot their favoritething to do.The important thingisto determine what iscausingyou to feel fearful,angry,or out ofcontrol, andthen communicate it loudly and clearlyto the dentistand dental team. Ourinterviewsrevealedthat people whohatedentistscan haveagreatlyenhancedand positive experience inadental office:

If they trust their dentist and dental team.
If they have full confidence that they w

Why people hate dentists

From this issue on, I will post the content of an excellent dental educational book " I hate dentists!" by Dr. Mac Lee. It will take me many days to finish posting this book, so come back to this website and read on if you find this book interesting and helpful.

Why people hate dentists

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