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Amazing smile makeover


Cosmetic resin restoration of rampant tooth decay

Rampant decay
Rampant decay

Upon decay removal
Upon decay removal

Cosmetic resin restoration
Cosmetic resin restoration

Cosmetic crown restoration

This patient has three porcelain fused to metal crowns, that have recurrent decay, misalignment and mismatch of colors. The old defective crowns were removed and replaced with all ceramic e-max crowns to give him a stunning new smile.

Cosmetic all ceramic crowns for a great smile

Cosmetic veneers using direct bonding

This patient has long been bothered by the miniature teeth with large spaces. We restored the six lower anterior teeth with direct cosmetic veneers, using  the resin bonding technique. This technique is quick (one visit), long lasting and affordable. 

Cosmetic repair of chipped front teeth

This little boy had two front teeth chipped off in a recent accident. We repaired the teeth with cosmetic bonding so he can smile and function as normal. Both patient and parents are very satisfied.

Fast cosmetic braces for a great smile


Before                                                        After 10 months

This patient is a young IT professional in his 30's. He has been very unhappy for his spaced, flaring out teeth for many years and has always been self-conscious and hiding his smile. He was told by an orthodontist that it may take about 3 years to straighten his teeth and close the spaces.