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June 2015

Recommendations for male patients

Regular check up and cleaning. 
Make sure to come in for checkups at least twice a year. The ADA suggests that the frequency of the regular visits should be tailored by the dentist to accommodate for the patient's current oral health status and health history. In addition, high-risk patients, such as those who smoke or patients with diabetes, may benefit from more frequent visits and cleanings to prevent periodontal disease.

Brush twice, floss once
Reiterate the importance of brushing the teeth two times a day for two minutes.

Home Remedies for Toothaches

Anyone who’s had the bad luck to be waylaid by a toothache knows that few experiences are more miserable. You want relief and you want it now. While home remedies may temporarily ease discomfort, the only way to get lasting toothache relief is to see a dentist.
Until you get professional help you may get some temporary relief using these toothache home remedies:
Rinse your mouth with warm water.Some toothaches are caused by trapped food particles. Use dental floss to remove anything wedged between teeth.