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September 2012

Cosmetic 6 months braces

The cosmetic Powerprox Six Month Braces® Technique  is a breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry. Compared with traditional orthodontic treatments which may take 2-3 years, this wonderful technique can straighten crooked teeth, close spaces, correct crossbite, deep bite and rotated teeth with little discomfort and give you a great smile in an average of 6 months.

6 months braces before and after pictures. Temecula dentistCosmetic clear braces. Temecula, murrieta orthodontics


You will look great and feel great with the improved self confidence that only comes from straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic restoration of chipped front tooth

Two days ago a patient called for an emergency visit because he chipped his front teeth. Exam revealed that he had a large composite bonding on his upper left incisor which chipped off a piece. We treatment planned to restore the tooth with composite resin, which could be a cosmetic challenge due to the bulk of missing tooth and color match. The old resin was removed and the tooth restored, with meticulous multi-layering, color matching and sculpting, using the best composite resin in the market.