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May 2012

Researchers identify potential risk factors for TMD

Researchers have identified a list of characteristics they say will eventually help health professionals identify patients who are at risk of developing temporomandibular disorders, according to a report published recently in an issue of the NYSDA news. 

In following a large number of control individuals, as well as people reporting temporomandibular disorder pain, Richard Ohrbach, DDS, PhD, director of the Oral Diagnostic Sciences at the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and a clinical psychologist, and other researchers found that a high rate of variables they  assessed were associated with painful temporomandibular disorders.

Oral bacteria can trigger heart disease

Plaque-causing bacteria can escape from the mouth into the bloodstream and increase the risk of heart attack, according to research from the University of Bristol.

Howard Jenkinson, Ph.D., a professor of oral microbiology at Bristol's School of Oral and Dental Sciences, explained how oral bacteria can wreak havoc if they are not kept in check by regular brushing and flossing during a presentation at the Society for General Microbiology's fall meeting in Nottingham, U.K., on September 6.