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June 2011

3 instant cures for bad breath

How to find out if you have bad breath? Use the "Lick and sniff" technique. Lick the back of your hand with your tongue, wait for 10-15 seconds to let it dry, then sniff the area. Very reliable.

For those of you bothered with halitosis, Here are 3 Instant Cures for Bad Breath .

Bacteria hiding around the gum tissue or inside tooth decay are the main culprit of bad breath. It's important to keep regular dental check-ups to get professional help. 

Root Canal Myths

Root canal therapy is considered to be the most feared dental procedure. A survey reveals that most people with a fear of the dentist base their fear on someone else's experiences, not their own. The inaccurate information prevents patients from making an informed decision regarding their teeth. Many patients go as far as requesting that a tooth is extracted, rather than save it with a root canal. 

   Before you believe the hype, take a look at the top root canal myths, and learn the truth for yourself.