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Retaining wisdom teeth could be more detrimental than previously thought.

   Recent evidence-based research has confirmed the long-held belief that it is indeed wise to remove wisdom teeth during adulthood as it not only improves dental and oral health, but also may reduce the risk illness later in life, according to studies from American Association of oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), surgeons and academics.

   Even when wisdom teeth are not diseased or symptomatic when they come into the oral cavity, their position and location in the mouth makes them difficult to keep clean and supports the accumulation and spread of harmful bacterial that can lead to more serious conditions later in life, according to a news release. Additionally, the local and systemic health implications of asymptomatic wisdom teeth are far broader than previously thought. Key finding in the study include:

   * An absence of symptoms does not equal the absence of disease;
   * 80% of young adult subjects who retained previously healthy wisdom teeth had developed problems within seven years;
   * Extracting wisdom teeth in young adults produces less pain and shorter healing times than in older patients;
   * Monitoring retained wisdom teeth may be more expensive than extraction over a lifetime; and
   * An estimated 60% of patients with asymptomatic wisdom teeth prefer extraction to retention. 

   The above finding supports my long-term observation of the harmful effects of retained wisdom teeth on overall oral health. I became a strong advocate for wisdom teeth removal, during my professional career as a previous oral surgeon, and now a general dentist. 

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