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No insurance, No problem!
Our in-house Golden Plan is specifically designed for our patients who do not have dental insurances. Instead of making a low teasing offer for first time visitors, we believe it is more important to keep our fees at an affordable level on a consistent basis. This way, more patients will be able to receive our quality dental care and maintain optimal dental health.
At a very reasonable annual fee, you and your family will receive a thorough exam and intra-oral x-rays at no charge every 6 months, plus 20-40% discount on our regular fees for your dental cleaning and treatments. 
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Dental shoppers beware!
There are some people who call different dental offices for the best price. While we understand people want their money to go furthest, shopping for the cheapest dentist is risky. It is important to understand that dental care is a "SERVICE", not only a product. Don't compare orange to apple. Be it a simple filling, a crown, or a root canal, you may get totally different results from different dentists. One crown may last one year, another crown may last 10 years. While highest price does not guarantee you the highest quality, cheapest price will guarantee you "NO HIGH QUALITY".
At Chaparral Village Dental, we guarantee that you get my honest, professional opinion and top-quality, long-lasting dental work.

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